How to Find a New Doctor and Dentist When You Move
  • How to Find a New Doctor and Dentist When You Move

    16 Dec

    How to Find a New Doctor and Dentist When You Move

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    One of the challenges of making a household move is finding medical and dental professionals in your new location. Here are some tips for finding a new doctor and dentist when you move.


    If you have private health or dental insurance or insurance through your work, one way to start is to find a doctor and dentist within your insurance network. Your insurance benefits will be more significant if the provider is in-network. Your insurer will typically have a list of these in-network providers that can provide a start for your search.


    Another way to find a new provider is to ask others for recommendations. You might start by asking your provider in your old home if they know anyone in the new location. You can also ask friends and colleagues which doctor or dentist they use and recommend in your new location. You also can ask one provider to recommend others; for example, if you find a dentist you like, you might ask them to recommend a doctor.


    All doctors and dentists must be licensed in the state where they work. Education and certifications also make a difference. The American Dental Association certifies dentists who abide by ethical and professional codes of conduct and can provide a list of certified dentists in an area. In addition, the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS) or the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) may certify doctors who choose certain specialties.

    A good doctor or dentist also will have attended a reputable medical or dental school and completed a residency. The doctor or dentist will generally list their educational background on their web page. You can check the accreditation status of a particular school through the U.S. Department of Education website. Prospective patients can verify a doctor’s credentials through DocInfo or HealthGrades.

    Consider Logistics

    You’ll want a doctor and dentist that you can visit conveniently, such as one that’s near home or work. You might also check their office hours, especially if you’ll have difficulty taking time off work for appointments. If communicating with your provider online is essential, check whether they have an online portal.

    Visit the Office

    Once you think you’ve found the right provider, visit the office. Consider how professional the staff is and the cleanliness of the office. Also, consider whether you feel comfortable there and how long you have to wait before your appointment. Finally, talk with the professional to see whether you and they are on the same page regarding managing chronic conditions. Evaluate how well they listen to your concerns and address them.

    Once You’ve Made a Choice

    Once you choose your provider, have your records transferred from your old provider to the new one. They’ll need to know about your medications and family medical history, as well as results of previous checkups, and about any chronic conditions. Again, transferring records from the old provider to the new one will help make your transition seamless. 

    Moving Forward

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