Universities Hire Moving Companies to Swap Out Campus Furniture
  • Universities Hire Moving Companies to Swap Out Campus Furniture

    30 Nov

    Universities Hire Moving Companies to Swap Out Campus Furniture

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    When a university, college, or technical training center relocates or swaps out old furniture for new, it requires a great deal of planning, packing, and moving. Professional movers are often the solution to completing that task. Experienced commercial movers can offer appropriate professional moving services for educational institutions to save them time, stress, and money. 

    There are reportedly upwards of 4,000 institutions of higher learning in the U.S., with enrollment exceeding 20 million students. Those big numbers indicate dorms, libraries, and other gathering spaces will experience significant traffic. They also mean equipment and commercial furniture are likely to require removal and replacement sooner than the average office space. Given that commercial furnishings typically last less than ten years, decision-makers may want to consider the following reasons for brokering a deal with a commercial moving company to handle logistics to save time, stress, and money.

    Commercial Movers Minimize Campus Disruption

    College administrators can craft a timeline with professional movers to manage the furniture change-over during semester breaks. This may not always be the case when attempting to keep the work in-house because employee vacations and off-time often coincide with academic calendars. Commercial moving companies handle logistical challenges daily beyond having experienced people doing the heavy lifting at reasonable times. That means they can craft a plan to get the old furniture out as the new items arrive.

    Commercial Movers Handle Both Removal and Installation

    Purchasing college furniture and equipment in bulk does not necessarily mean the manufacturer or distributor will send a moving team. It’s far more likely that semi-trucks will arrive, and a driver and helper will lower the items to the ground. Someone needs to be available to usher the furniture into the buildings or from a campus storage facility later.

    In a perfect world, commercial movers will have buildings cleared just before delivery trucks arrive. The transition can be seamlessly accomplished, and administrators need not worry about students coming to empty spaces.

    Commercial Movers Prepared To Meet Logistical Challenges

    Anyone who handles logistics understands the train does not always run on time. For example, furniture companies may indicate that the items are expected to arrive on schedule, but sometimes they don’t. 

    Issues such as container port and supply chain logjams have created commonplace delivery problems. Commercial moving organizations are acutely aware that transportation and other potential setbacks can leave clients in tough straits. However, experienced professionals deal with these and other hiccups every day. That’s why they discuss the logistical details and ask the following question: What if the delivery arrives late?

    Contingency plans rank among the standard practices that commercial movers consider when taking on a large-scale project. In the best-case scenario, the installation gets delayed a few days to a week. But in a worst-case scenario, extraordinary measures such as putting old furniture back until the semester’s end could be necessary. Therefore, it’s essential to work with a company that understands the value of flexibility during a logistical snafu.

    Commercial Movers Can Save Colleges Money

    College and university decision-makers typically prefer to get a return on investment for used materials when possible. In addition, an entire used office equipment and furniture industry exist that universities can tap to offset costs. But the idea of sending a campus load of commercial furniture abroad in one pass could prove challenging.

    Working with a top-tier commercial moving company may offer access to cost-effective temporary storage. This opens the door to logistical flexibility that allows colleges to trickle out used furniture and avoid paying a premium at the landfill. Those rank among the standout reasons to consider contacting a commercial moving company when colleges and universities plan furniture and equipment upgrades.

    Commercial Moving Needs

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