5 Things to Look For In a Moving Company

5 Things to Look For In a Moving Company

14 Sep

5 Things to Look For In a Moving Company

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As you’re getting ready to move, you’ll need to find a reputable moving company to help you pack and transport your belongings. While there are various options available, how can you be sure that you’re working with the best? 

By paying attention to these five elements. Here are five things to look for in a moving company. 

Experience That Fits Your Needs

Find a moving company that has the right experience for your move. Every move is unique. Perhaps you’re moving out of a multi-bedroom house, or maybe a smaller rented apartment; you must select a pro moving company that can accommodate all of your belongings and circumstances. Ask the right questions to ensure the right fit. 

Movers who’ve been in business for many years have likely tackled various moving situations and have acquired in-depth experience dealing with many challenges. Therefore, it’s essential to find a mover that can handle your specific needs — if that’s managing a move in the city, carrying up many flights of stairs, or across the country, etc. 

Also, does the moving company have the detailed service you need, like specialty crating and storage options? These are all areas to explore. 

Packing and Shipping 

Do you intend to pack everything yourself, or will the movers handle that for you?  Ask moving companies about their packing options and pricing.

Some movers charge by the hour for packing, but that also depends on whether they provide boxes and other materials. Also, if you’re moving a lot of furniture, movers may need to wrap and secure each piece so that it doesn’t break in transit. 

Necessary Licenses and Insurance

Make sure that the moving company is legitimate and authorized to move household goods. There are different regulations for local versus long-distance movers.

Requirements vary by jurisdiction for in-state moves, so check your with the state for more information. 

Your professional mover must have a number issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT required by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association (FMCSA) for household moves between states. This federal licensure identifies commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce.

Check the DOT and motor carrier numbers to ensure that your selected moving company is licensed. 

Reviews and Recommendations

When you have a shortlist of potential moving companies, look up reviews and ratings online. Sites like Angie’s List or Thumbtack can help you get accurate reviews from real customers. Pay attention to the negative listings and see if there are issues that come up multiple times. 

All businesses have some bad reviews, but they’re much rarer for high-quality companies. Also, see if the company responds to negative ratings – usually, that’s a sign that it’s proactive about addressing complaints and problems. 

Transparent Fees and Pricing

Disreputable moving companies will hit you with hidden fees and surcharges. When comparing different movers, ask about these expenses and if they can provide upfront pricing for everything. Typically, a moving company will give you an estimate based on variables like time, distance, and the amount of property you’re bringing. However, this is a base rate, so the final bill will likely be higher. 

It might be a red flag if the company doesn’t have a list of surcharges or expenses. Know your consumer rights and responsibilities.

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