Planning a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving
  • Planning a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

    31 Aug

    Planning a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

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    Packing is something that not everyone looks forward to and is probably the most dreaded moving task. Many fear the packing process when moving; however, the workload and process can be made much easier by selling as many items as you can before moving. By hosting a moving sale, you can get rid of things you no longer need and don’t want to have to pack. 

    Planning a moving sale does take some work, but you will have less to pack and less to deal with at your new home. Here are some tips to help you plan your upcoming moving sale: 

    Sort Through Items

    As you work your way through your home packing for your household move, start setting aside the items you plan to sell at your garage sale. Then, select a specific spot in your home to keep and organize these items for the upcoming sale. 

    Pick a Time

    Perfect planning and organization help ensure a successful garage sale. The best times to plan a garage sale are late spring and early fall when there’s temperate weather. 

    It is best to plan to hold the garage sale for two to three days and when most people are not working. For example, if planning a three-day garage sale, it is best to hold it Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, if time is limited, plan your sale for a Saturday, and if you still have a lot of items to get rid of, extend your sale to Sunday. 

    Many garage sale shoppers start their day early to ensure they get to see all the good items—plan to open up early in the day and run it through lunchtime or early afternoon. Having your sale in the early morning also helps avoid the hot temperatures your area may have later in the day. 

    Spread the Word

    Once you have your garage sale date set, it is time to start spreading the word. Make signs to hang throughout your neighborhood, post the information on social media, and make announcements anywhere that allows garage sale posts. Don’t forget to include the address, date, and time for your sale. You might also advertise some specific items on your promotional material that might draw interest.

    Price Your Items

    Now that you have all the items you want to sell ready, it is time to start pricing everything. Take time to group items together, such as clothes, books, decorations, household goods, etc. Once grouped, start pricing the items. Avoid overpricing things hoping that people will pay more, and be as realistic as possible with your set prices. 

    Start Selling

    On the day of your garage sale, be ready to wake up early and start selling. Keep in mind that many who shop garage sales like to get a bargain. So, don’t get hung up on the price, and be prepared to let things go so you don’t have to move them. 

    Moving Help

    Decluttering and hosting a garage sale before moving can make the process more organized and less stressful. For assistance with your upcoming move, contact us for a price quote and learn how we can help.