De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Parents During a Relocation
  • De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Parents During a Relocation

    16 Dec

    De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Parents During a Relocation

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    Moving is stressful when you’ve got small children. As your house fills with boxes, the play space disappears. Kids run out of things to do as their toys get packed. Children can also react with tears when their parents become stressed or worried.

    With kids climbing the walls and crying a lot during the packing and relocation process, you could find yourself just wishing to escape! Taking time to de-stress during the packing process can help you feel better. You and your kids will be happier if you can engage in these de-stressing techniques.

    Maintain Structure At Home

    It’s easy to push bedtimes off till later or forget about little routines when you’re packing your home. Children can experience behavior problems when their normal structure goes away, creating more stress for you, as their parent. 

    Keep the usual routines and structure in place, even as you pack your home and get ready to move. Maintain consistent bedtimes and keep “pizza night” and other mealtime routines for your kids. This will help your children, which in turn will help you.

    Go For Walks

    Many times during a relocation, the house becomes a point of stress. Homes are harder to clean when they’re being packed or unpacked, so just spending time at home is not nearly as relaxing as it once was. Kids can get fussy when they’re cooped up in a house with boxes.

    Make a point of going for walks with your children at least once every day. If possible, make your walks a routine. This gives you something to look forward to and gives your kids an extra element of structure.

    Yoga and Meditation

    It’s challenging to find peace and quiet at home during relocation. Finding your center and refocusing your daily attention can help keep you calm and happy.

    Engage in regular yoga and meditation to keep calm and happy. Parents often find it challenging to attend a class on yoga and meditation, especially while moving. To make this easy for yourself, wake early in the morning to practice your yoga and meditation routine, or stay up just a little later every night. There are many yoga and meditation classes online. Pick one that works for you!

    Forgive Yourself

    Many parents find themselves snapping at their children when they experience a home move’s stress, only to feel bad about it later on. Feelings of guilt or unhappiness about these small encounters can compound the problem and make it worse, leading to even more problems as the day of the move gets closer.

    Forgive yourself at the end of the night, even if it feels like the day went badly. Tomorrow is a new day!

    Talk to a Friend

    Take time regularly to talk to friends and other people you care about. These little conversations can help you feel better. Conversations with friends are also an excellent chance to work out problems. Your friends can give you a little perspective that will make you feel better!

    Hire a Profesional Moving Company

    Moving is a lot of work! Hire a professional moving company to make moving easier. Working with the professionals, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and focus on your children while also taking more time for yourself.

    We can help with a stress-free relocation. Contact us for a free quote. We can assist with packing, storage, transport, unpacking, and more. Let us help get you to your new home.