Moving Storage Solutions for All Your Needs

Moving Storage Solutions for All Your Needs

13 Nov

Moving Storage Solutions for All Your Needs

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No matter which way you spin it, moving can be both an exciting transition and a stress-inducing chore. Between plotting your timeline, preparing your belongings, and dealing with your realtor, you probably never even thought about what you’ll have to put into storage.

Whether your new home isn’t quite ready on moving day or you just need some more time to settle in and decide where to put all of your furniture, many families take advantage of our temporary and long term storage options. Here are some tips to help you determine what should be stored when you move.


Furniture is, by far, the most commonly stored household item. Couches, tables, and bulky entertainment centers take up a ton of space and can’t really be stored anywhere else if your home isn’t ready for move-in.

It’s also a useful option when you’re still acclimating to the new layout. Many people choose to move in at a steady pace, getting a feel for their new space, and carefully selecting where everything should go. It’s much easier to visualize a space when it isn’t cluttered up to the ceiling with moving boxes, and your furniture isn’t scattered haphazardly throughout the house.

Seasonal Items

Another category you’ll frequently see in storage units is seasonal items. This can include things like sporting equipment (snowboards/skis, basketball hoops, hockey equipment), patio furniture, snowblowers, lawnmowers, off-season clothing, and holiday decorations.

These are rather obvious items to store since they’re not used for some or most of the year. Doing so can help you organize everything neatly so you’ll know right where they are in the event you need to access them.

Important Documents and Files

As people get older and their families grow, so does their need for file space. Medical records, employment information, insurance paperwork, and personal documents must be kept in a safe, accessible place. Yet we hardly ever need them. 

That’s why storing those items is a great option. Doing so can help you organize everything neatly so in the event you do need to access them, you’ll know right where they are.

Books and Magazines

Take a look at your bookshelf (assuming you have one). When was the last time you picked up most of those books? Probably a long time.

Books are old magazines you don’t want to get rid of are a great option to put into storage.


Another common storage item is vehicles. From cars to boats to snowmobiles, we’ve stored all types of vehicles. In fact, Herlihy Moving & Storage is the regional depot for Google Street View cars!

Store Your Stuff Easily

Storage is an excellent option for movers and homeowners. If you’re planning a move from Ohio or would like to declutter your home, Herlihy has fantastic storage solutions for you. For more information, contact us today.