Office Moving Challenges and What You Can Do About Them
  • Office Moving Challenges and What You Can Do About Them

    30 Sep

    Office Moving Challenges and What You Can Do About Them

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    Moving to a new office space brings an opportunity to expand and grow your business. However, the office moving process also brings challenges that you must meet successfully for the company to thrive.

    Here are some things to consider as you put together your office move plan.

    Space Planning

    Planning the new layout will be critical to success. Draw a blueprint or diagram of the new space. Determine the basics, such as the location of electrical outlets and phones, as well as employee work stations and furniture placement. If the new area will provide different working conditions, such as shared workstations instead of cubicles, educate employees about this well ahead of moving day.

    Balance Old and New

    You could buy all new furnishings to have a clean start in the new office or bring your old furnishings with you to save money. The best option is likely to be a balance of both. Consider keeping items that are the essence of your space, are in good condition, and fit well in the new space. Donate or sell the rest.


    If not adequately planned, moves can disrupt employee work schedules, and any lost workdays can cost your company money. Consider whether employees can work remotely during the move so they can continue to be productive. Another way to minimize disruption is to plan your move on a holiday weekend. While moving on a holiday may mean you’ll pay a bit more for movers, you may quickly recoup that by continually serving your clients.


    Communicate with customers well ahead of your move through email, traditional mail, one-on-one contact, and social media. Give positive reasons for your move from their perspective; for example, the new location offers better parking or an opportunity for you to fulfill orders better.


    We all know the adage, “you get what you pay for.” A realistic budget can ensure your move goes smoothly. 

    Obtain quotes from movers in your area and research each of them, calling their references. Once you’ve done your research, establish a budget, and develop a list of two or three finalists to interview further. If you can find discounts, use them, but only for those movers that are already on your list of finalists.


    Office moves require careful planning, and your employees likely already have a full workload with daily tasks. Consider hiring a project manager for the move if your budget allows.


    IT issues during moves are common, but you can avoid them by planning well in advance. Determine whether you can use the same Internet service provider at your new site. If you can, notify the company at least 30 days before your move. If your current provider is not an option, allow yourself at least 90 days to evaluate potential new providers and schedule installation.

    Likewise, allow plenty of time to process phone or Voice over IP (VoIP) service at your new location.

    If you are using an interior designer, introduce them to your IT staff to collaborate on cabling and placement of electrical outlets and other connections. Back up all your data and hire movers with experience in moving IT.

    New Office Space 

    Proper planning is essential for an office move. We can help with your business relocation. Contact us today to see how we can help.