Tips for Making Your Home Sale-Ready
  • Tips for Making Your Home Sale-Ready

    17 Aug

    Tips for Making Your Home Sale-Ready

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    So, you’re planning for your residential move! As you anticipate your move, you need to sell your current home. Consider these tips to get your home ready for a quick and profitable sale.


    Painting the inside is a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up the house. You can complete it over a few weekends. Choose a neutral color for an updated look that will appeal to a variety of buyers, or use a splash of color to wake up a drab room.


    Potential buyers want to visualize how the home will look with their furnishings. Removing your photos and heirlooms helps to depersonalize the space. Start your packing early, clearing away these items. Wrap them up and then box them up. 

    You also want to remove all non-neutral furnishings such as the yellow throw rug or leopard-patterned sofa. Place these items in storage so that the potential buyer can see the space as a neutral canvas.


    We all tend to keep things that we no longer use. Sometimes we keep them because we have emotional attachments to them; other times, we just haven’t taken the time to sort. Clearing out and donating these unused items will make your house seem roomier and will also start you on your way toward packing for your move. Things you just can’t part with can also go into storage.

    Improve Curb Appeal

    A buyer’s first impression of your home includes the lawn. Make the outside feel welcoming. Pull weeds, trim bushes, and add fresh mulch for a clean look. Plant new flowers or put flowering potted plants by the doorway. 

    Make Small Repairs

    Small issues can send a message to buyers that you haven’t taken care of your home. So, take care of small repairs. Replace light bulbs, fix leaky faucets and doors that don’t close properly, replace cracked tiles, and make other minor repairs.

    Lighten Up

    Bright homes are more cheery. Find ways to let as much light in as possible; for example, open window shades, remove the drapes, and increase the wattage of light bulbs. Consider replacing darker lamp shades with lighter or clearer ones.


    Perform a deep cleaning that includes the windows, exterior, and sidewalk. Vacuum every day, make the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle, clean and air out musty areas, and monitor smells. Pet owners often don’t notice their pets’ smells, but buyers who are entering the home for the first time will. Baking before a showing or burning a small candle may help replace bad smells with pleasant ones.

    Update the Kitchen

    Buyers often focus on the kitchen. Full renovations generally will get you an 85 percent return but may cost more than your budget. Yet even a small update — such as replacing hardware and repainting walls and cabinets will help.

    Clean Out Closets

    Closets will appear more spacious with fewer items. Take out everything you don’t need. Pack these items up and again, place them in storage until you are ready to move.

    Develop a Sales Plan

    Many homes sell quicker and at a higher price if listed with a real estate agent. In addition to their access to multiple listing services, experienced agents can provide excellent advice on pricing. If you choose to sell your home yourself, develop a plan for listing it on web sites and social media. Take quality photos of your home or hire a professional photographer to do so.

    From Selling to Moving

    With these tips to help you sell your home, you will be moving before you know it. Contact us for a free quote. We can help you with your move, from packing to storage to moving.