Expert Advice on Packing Glassware for Moving

03 Jun

Expert Advice on Packing Glassware for Moving

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You’re about to move into a brand new home, but you’re worried that your beautiful glassware won’t survive the ride. Luckily, there are ways to pack up glassware so that it can safely be transported.

Here are some tips on packing glassware for your household move.

Packing Materials

There are many packing materials for your glassware to choose from. Knowing how to pack glasses for moving all comes down to choosing the right material. Here are a few tips to help you decide on packing material.

Glass Pack Boxes

Using glass pack boxes is an excellent solution to pack glasses. They are made of sturdy and thick, double-walled cardboard that will protect your glassware. They also come with dividers to protect each individual glass.

Regular moving boxes also work well and cost a little less than glass pack boxes, but the extra price for the specialty box might be worth it for the added protection.

Packing Paper

A newspaper is a common material choice for those packing glassware. The only downside to using newsprint is that your dishes will need to be washed once unpacked. 

Materials like plain packing paper are available to keep your glassware safe and clean during a move. Packing paper can be used for cushioning at the bottom, sides, and tops of boxes as well. Crumpled up packing paper provides an excellent cushion for breakables. 

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is also a great tool when packing up your fragile stuff for moving. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small bubbles to large ones and is very easy to use. Use it to line the bottom of your boxes as well as to wrap your delicate items.

Proper Taping

Packing glassware safely into boxes involves proper taping. Choose packing tape to get the moving job done right. Packing tape works better than masking tape or duct tape, which weren’t entirely designed to stick to the moving boxes like packing tape.

How to Pack Glassware

Packing glassware can be tricky. One mishap and your beautiful glassware can be ruined for good. That’s why you need the right-sized boxes and packing material. 

The ideal way to pack glassware is by using a medium-sized box or glass pack box. A large box could get too heavy when it is filled, making it harder to move.

Use crumpled packing paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap to cover the bottom of your box. Make sure to use several sheets because one sheet is too thin and won’t protect the glassware.

You can also use soft materials such as towels or sheets — layer a generous amount of this material on the bottom.

Once the bottom is filled, wrap each glass. It’s best to pack the heavier glassware first. Then the light glasses, once wrapped, can lay on top.

When wrapping the glassware, make sure all parts of it are completely covered. If you have a paper that’s big enough, you can wrap two glasses in one sheet. Be sure to wrap one at a time and make sure each glass is completely covered.

If you can feel the edges of your glassware, wrap it in an additional sheet of paper or bubble wrap. As you’re stacking your wrapped glassware, be sure to leave enough room at the top. When packing glassware, the box should not be filled so that you can add a crumpled layer of paper or soft material on top.

Label the Boxes

Make sure you write “FRAGILE” on all of your boxes that have sensitive items in them. Label each side and also indicate which side should remain up with the appropriate arrows. 

Packing Glassware Made Easier

Packing glassware does not have to be a stressful task. Once you find the right materials and method, you can have peace of mind that your beautiful glassware will survive the move.

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