Downsizing: What to Get Rid of When Moving

27 Mar

Downsizing: What to Get Rid of When Moving

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Deep down, we all know what to get rid of when moving. Yet, it’s challenging to part with familiar objects. 

Clutter is overwhelming, an energy drain, and increases your stress levels.

Added stress is the last thing you need when you’re moving to a new home. Moving is the best time to clean up your cluttered spaces.

Here are some guidelines to help you trim down before moving day. 

Clean Out Your Closet

When you start packing your clothes, you’re bound to notice quite a few items that you don’t wear often. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to remain objective when it comes to getting rid of clothes.

After all, clothing is expensive, and it often has a lifespan that outlives its usefulness. Ask a friend to help you go through your wardrobe and help you decide which items no longer suit you or fit you in a flattering way.

Donate all your old clothes to a local charity organization. Some charities will collect your donated goods.  Knowing that you’re helping the less fortunate makes the extra effort worthwhile.

The same applies to sports equipment. If you don’t play tennis anymore, why not donate all your gear to someone who can get enjoyment out of it? 

What to Get Rid of When Moving to a Smaller Place

When you start packing, you’re likely to notice that you’ve accumulated quite a few duplicates. This is especially true of things like wooden spoons and soup ladles. Place all your doubles in one box and keep the best one of each.

If you’re moving to a place with fewer storage options, these small items can add up with nowhere to go.  

The same goes for items that you’ve already replaced with a newer version.

Laptops, PCs, and monitors are a typical example of things that people keep long past their usefulness. Once you’ve transferred your data over to your new machine, there’s no reason to keep the old one.

Take stock of which items you use and let the rest go to someone who needs it more. A garage sale is great for getting rid of things that you are hesitant to donate.

Lose the Free Stuff

How many times have you used any of those promotional items emblazoned with company logos? Except for pens, probably never. 

Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of unwanted or unused gifts. Instead, pass them on to someone who will appreciate them.

Trim Down Your Book Shelves

It is easy to get emotionally attached to books. However, all that knowledge is not doing any good just sitting there on the shelf.

Donate your less treasured books to a school or charity so others may experience the joy of reading them.

Books take up lots of space, and they’re heavy. When you move unnecessary items, you’re only making more work for yourself when it comes time to unpack. And depending on how far you’re moving it costs additional money to move those unnecessary items

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