Mayflower Packing Tip: How to Pack a Flat Screen Television

Mayflower Packing Tip: How to Pack a Flat Screen Television

28 Jun

Mayflower Packing Tip: How to Pack a Flat Screen Television

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You’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your flat screen television. For smaller flat screens, follow these packing tips to ensure that your TV arrives safely. We recommend professional crating for larger televisions.

When Possible, Use the Original Box

The original box was designed to protect your TV. If you don’t have the original, use a special TV carton and follow the exact instructions that came with it.

Ask for Help

Flat-screen TVs are large and unwieldy. You need two people to pack your television.

Unplug Your TV

Remove the power cord and any connection cords or wires. Roll these up and place them in a separate box with the remote control. Allow the TV to cool to room temperature before packing.

Protect Your TV with Foam or Bubble Wrap

Use the foam or bubble wrap that came with your TV carton to cover your TV completely. Fasten the wrap with shipping tape or movers shrink wrap. Take care not to apply tape directly to the television.

Prepare a Base for Packing Your Television

Placing two boxes of the same height side by side makes a sturdy base for packing. You can also use a large table.

Insert Foam Guides

Place the foam inserts that came with your original box or packing kit into the bottom of the box.

Place the TV in the Box

Carefully lift your TV and place it into the foam packing inserts in the box or packing kit.

Attach Foam Inserts to the Top of the TV

Place the foam inserts that came with your original box or TV packing kit over the top corners of your flat screen.

Attach the Top Portion of the Box or TV Packing Kit

If your box or packing kit comes in multiple pieces, place the top pieces of the box over the bottom.

Secure your box or packing kit with shipping tape.

Make sure to apply tape both vertically and horizontally to hold the TV securely in the box.

Label the Box

Televisions should always be kept in an upright position. Apply a label or write “This End Up” on the box with a marker so movers know how to handle your TV.

Questions About Packing? We’re Here to Help

At Herlihy Mayflower, we have nearly 100 years of experience in packing and moving Ohio families like yours. If you have questions about packing, ask your Herlihy Moving Coordinator or check out the packing tips and videos on our website. Remember, our trained professional movers are here if you need help with packing.

Watch the video below to see the steps for packing a television in action.

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